OrthoKau - Our Logo

OrthoKau is a local Orthopaedic Practice in Singapore. We look after patients of all ages and conditions, with a special interest in hip and knee conditions.

You may have noticed the tree at the center of our logo. This tree is a modern take on the Orthopaedic symbol or the original Tree of Andry, as coined by French physician Nicholas Andry in 1741. In our logo, the tree represents life.

At the heart of it we aim to provide regeneration and renewal. The snowflakes within the leaves represent our patients. Each is unique, none is alike, but all are beautiful.


Our ethos is patient centered. Each patient presents unique symptoms and complaints. We recognize that treatment must be tailored just for you. One size does not fit all. In an information age where so many options can confuse you, we try to simplify it all, and provide a customized solution for your needs.