Dr Kau Chung Yuan is on the panel for the majority of local insurers - our experienced clinic staff and team are ready to help you work through the financing options available, allowing you to focus on your road to recovery.

We accept all patients, with or without insurance. Patients with insurers not currently listed here can rest assured that we will do everything we can to aid them in making their necessary claims.

We are on panels for both Integrated Shield Plans as well as Corporate Panels to provide you with the ease of claims from your insurer. Patients under the following Integrated Shield Plans will enjoy the following benefits when treated by Dr Kau and Synergy Orthopaedic Group:


With the AIA HealthShield Gold Max A premium, patients with Dr Kau can enjoy a claim limit of up to $2 million per policy year. Additionally, patients can expect to benefit from up to 13 months of pre- and post-hospitalisation benefits under the AIA HealthShield Gold Max A premium.


Under Prudential's PRUExtra as a Premier client, patients can benefit from cashless procedures (speak to our team for more information).

Patients with personal Prudential PRUShield plans can enjoy the reimbursement of pre- and post-hospitalisation fees for up to 180 and 365 days, respectively. This plan allows patients the benefit of an enhanced Letter of Guarantee (allowing for cashless services of up to $30,000). Our Mt Alvernia clinic branch is also conveniently located on the hospital grounds. Mt Alvernia Hospital is a PRUPanel Connect Partner.


Patients seeking treatment who are AXA personal insurance plan holders can enjoy the benefit of their pre- and post-hospitalisation bills to be claimable for up to 180 and 365 days, respectively.

With an enhanced Letter of Guarantee, our patients can receive cashless services of up to $150,000 with a co-payment sum capped at $3000 when treated by our orthopaedic specialist.

Great Eastern Insurance

Patients holding a Great SupremeHealth insurance plan are eligible for post-hospitalisation covers of up to 12 months when seeking treatment with our orthopaedic surgeon.

Patients under Great Eastern, with a personal Great SupremeHealth plan, are entitled to reimbursement of their pre- and post-hospitalisation fees for up to 120 and 365 days, respectively.

With a pre-authorisation letter, patients can enjoy the assurance of being covered for the required procedures. With co-payment fees being capped at $3000, patients are assured financial peace of mind so they can focus on their road to recovery.

NTUC IncomeShield

Patients seeking treatment with NTUC IncomeShield insurance plans can enjoy both a higher Letter of Guarantee and lower co-payments.

NTUC IncomeShield insurance plan holders can also enjoy claimable pre- and post-hospitalisation bills for up to 180 and 365 days, respectively.

Singlife Aviva Insurance

Patients under Singlife Aviva insurance plans are eligible for pre-authorisation letters and coverage to ensure that their premiums are applicable to the treatment they require with OrthoKau.

Patients holding Singlife Aviva insurance can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will be reimbursed for pre- and post-hospitalisation fees for up to 180 and 365 days up to S$2,000,000, respectively.

Fullerton Health

As an employee holding a Fullerton Health Employee Benefits card, you can enjoy the specified benefits as agreed upon by your company.

These benefits may include cashless consultations and procedures or a co-payment of the final bill. Get in touch with our clinic staff for more information on these employee benefits and if you require a referral letter from a GP.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this page was deemed to be true and accurate a the time of publication. ORTHOKAU Hip Knee Surgery shall not be held responsible for any changes to insurance policies, coverage, or premiums. We advise that patients always seek confirmation from their insurers.